Aichun Beauty weight loss fat burning slimming cream

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100% brand high quality! A new dispensation to burn fatty and cellulite in the skin. Promote skin metabolism, quick decomposing the surplus fat in the body for the discharge out of the body. With its powerful quick slimming and skin care. The combination of moisturizer can nourish your skin thoroughly. Your skin will be smoother, more elastic, look younger. Especially Work on the areas of belly, waist, hip, forearm


Suitable for: all skin types

Main Ingredients: Green Coffee Bean Extract, Red Pepper Oil, Ginger Extract

Type: green tea


Use Method:

1. Wash your body with warm water, and then use a hot towel put on the area which you want to use this cream on, stay for 1 to 3 minutes.

2. Rubbing warm your palms, and then take appropriate cream, spread evenly on the skin

3. Massage your body with the cream, until your body turn to heat and fully absorbed.

4. Try to use three times a is suggested to keep using for more than 4 weeks.



Ei cream use kore result valo peyesi, Thanks